Preserved Floral Art

ByChauntel creates unique pieces of art from fresh flowers using minimal, sustainable methods. Each piece is truly one of one, and made using a combination of pressed flowers, natural flower dyes and sometimes linen or other natural fabrics.  


pressed collage

page three


white rose collage

about Chauntel:


Spending the first eight years of my life on a little island in the middle of the Caribbean, I was always surrounded by plants and flowers.  These  cherished moments remain with me and are what I hope to create for you.

By day,  I’m a program manager for a software testing company. Outside of this, I enjoy traveling, spending time with friends/family, art, nature, dining out and staying in. ByChauntel is a passion project which I enjoy working on during nights and weekends.


 all pieces are originals (no prints) and new ones for purchase will be shared via instagram

if you’re interested in creating a custom piece from your wedding or other special event flowers, I’d be honored – shoot me an email – hi@chauntelgreaves.com  


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