Using CX to Set Yourself Apart in A Crowded Market

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So I’m currently (re) reading Allan Dib’s book, The 1-Page Marketing Plan, and in it he talks about being remarkable when it comes to selling a commodity (something everyone else sells).

It’s not about your product or service necessarily being unique… or having a special unattainable talent. It’s about going the extra mile to make sure your customer feels great.


Allan’s example is a barista spending a few extra seconds to create latte art in your coffee. It doesn’t too much time, or any more money, but it creates a special and memorable experience for the customer. My personal example was the handwritten note I received from Kym when I ordered soaps from her company, @terra_tory.

So when it comes to setting yourself apart, no one has the power to create a better experience for your customers, than you. So think of how you can create an extra special experience for your customers from beginning to end.

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Five Ways to Stay Top of Mind After Working With Clients

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As a client experience consultant, the ultimate goal for me is to help my clients build customer loyalty. There are a variety of strategies that we work through, and one of them; perhaps my favorite of all, is the element of surprise and delight.

Creating a great product is crucial and providing excellent service is imperative. Below I’m sharing five ways you can take your client experience up a notch, and ensure your business stays top of mind.


Send A Note

In an era of texting, emails, DM’s, FB messages, junk mail and bills, I can assure you that sending a handwritten thank you note is one way to stand out from others in your industry.  Your note can be a thank you note, a follow up ‘how is everything going note’… tailor it to suit your business and services delivered.

Shout Out

Every opportunity I get (and when warranted of course), I shotout friends, clients, colleagues and acquaintances. With no expectations of them returning the gesture. People love to be recognized for their contributions, opinions and achievements. Your clients are no different. If you’ve connected with a client on social, join their friends in celebration a special moment, share an accomplishment or simply thank them for being a client with a message and a tag.

The Gift of Giving

For those who aren’t restricted with sending gifts to clients, this is one of my favorite ways to surprise and delight. If you track client birthdays or special milestones in their life; take advantage of this information and send out a special gift. Thousands of businesses record high percent ROIs, referrals and recommendations from one single top of mind gift.

Warm Welcome

A podcast I was listening to recently talked about the stages of the client/customer journey and how certain steps need to be taken to ensure clients are happy, comfortable and confident in their decision to hire you. One of the ways this can be done is with a welcome kit. After a client decides to work with you, sometimes they experience something called “buyer’s remorse”. Squash this by sending each and every client a welcome kit demonstrating why they’ve made the right choice.

Additional Value

If there’s new data or information you’ve learned since working with your client that would be helpful to them, reach out and share it. Show that you truly care about their success and well being by providing on-going value adds.

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Interested in developing a customized Surprise & Delight solution for your business? Reach out here.